We're in the knowledge human economy

  • Customers are seeking experiences, not only services

  • Millennials are seeking purpose and impact, not just paychecks

  • Markets demand innovation, not the status quo

  • Teams thrive on leadership and vision, not traditional management

  • Training must address mindset, not simply dispense information.

The world of work is evolving too quickly to navigate with old tools and outdated techniques.

Navigating modern challenges requires a rethink.


Transformation is a process, not a quick fix, and it starts from within. Traditional training—dispensing knowledge, and dictating behaviour—is no longer up to the job. Instead, we must think about learning and development in a way that recognises the humanity in our organisations:


Internally, people thrive on connections, belonging, contribution and purpose.


Externally, people seek growth, challenges, objectives and direction.

By creating an environment and a culture of continuous growth, the latent potential within organisations can be discovered, unearthed and refined. This is what we call Organic Learning, and it has a profound impact. Organic Learning will help your organisation:

  • Innovate and demonstrate agility

  • Demonstrate effective leadership and inspire change in others

  • Shift from operational to strategic thinking

  • Communicate with empathy and emotional intelligence

  • Embed best practices

  • Build a stronger corporate identity

  • Build confidence in personal value and contribution

  • Reveal hidden capacities


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Organic Leadership programme

Our flagship Organic Leadership programme is continuously updated and aligned with the latest psychology research and world-class leadership trends. It is designed to shift mindsets and create long-lasting change from within by accompanying managers and teams through a four-step journey:


Self-Leadership (SELF)

Identifying one's strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, motivations, values and goals, personal brand and leveraging this self-understanding in order to adapt behaviours and pursue objectives in a deliberate manner.

Building strong relationships (OTHERS)

Developing emotional intelligence, empathetic communication, dealing with difficult situations, fostering mutual respect and adapting an attitude of service as a leader towards staff and clients.

Creating organic team environments (TEAM)

Learning to foster team unity around common goals and purpose, taking responsibility and ownership for team's performance, identifying and leveraging key environmental and process factors for team efficiency.

Leading (through) change (organisation)

Identifying own resistances to change and transforming challenges posed by change into opportunities for growth and leadership.

Developing intrapreneurial skills and attitude to spot opportunities for improvement and innovation beyond one’s role and throughout the organisation.


Sessions + Integrated learning

Our training combines:

  • In-person sessions that provide a strong mindset-shifting experience (the spark to ignite the fire)

  • Integrated learning sessions to deep dive into new concepts and insights and put into practice on the field (the fuel to sustain the fire).

Customised approach

Although the four-step journey underpins our Organic Leadership methodology, the programme is agile and adapted specifically for and with each of our clients.

In order to meet your needs, we create bespoke scenarios that are aligned with your business context and we design session content that matches your most pressing skills or culture gaps (e.g.: problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, breaking silos, standardisation, value integration)



Our methodology puts mindset first


Our clients always share their enthusiasm and surprise at the extent of capacities and motivation revealed by their teams during training sessions.

We’re experts in creating environments where participants are the protagonists. Learning is done by doing, by sharing and by reflecting and our trainers act as facilitators rather than teachers.

We use modern tools such as gamification, podcasting and interactive working methods to immerse participants in thought-provoking scenarios. We carefully design activities to maximise participation and to draw out and capture the best insight from each participant.


What participants are saying

We're guiding today's and tomorrow's leaders to unite and transform their teams. Here's what they have to say:

"Very positive experiences gained from a non-traditional training style."
"It unlocks the mind and involves you emotionally to change."
"A fun way to establish how far I have come and how much further I have to go."
"Motivating – I’m eager to go back to work and apply the items discussed"
"You guys are building strong relationships 🙂"


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Some of our customers


"If every week we had a training like this, every employee in this company would be like family."

— participant