Our Story

Today, at Gemstone, we deliver training to current and future leaders at international firms looking to unite and transform their teams. We are fortunate to be guiding some of the most forward thinking companies in Mauritius, and to be sharing in the human potential that they are unlocking. The work we do gives us a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

But it’s been a long journey to get to where we are.

Before cofounding Gemstone, we both experienced working on projects and in teams where the value of our contribution wasn’t clear: the tasks made sense, and objectives were achieved, but the big picture purpose was hidden under layers of complexity and silos, busywork, and people looking out for themselves more than the team or the customer. In short, there was a lack of intrinsic motivation to excel and serve, resulting in missed potential, resistance to change, and the best talent leaving for better opportunities elsewhere.

On the other hand, we also experienced managers who got it. And this made all the difference. Their influence was the beginning of our journey to understand real leadership.

Our research

We wanted to understand what it was that these true leaders demonstrated, and why it made such a big difference to our engagement at work. We reached out to friends, many of whom felt the same demotivation that had sapped our creativity and potential as graduates. We looked at the latest organisational psychology and behavioural research from Harvard, INSEAD and other world-class institutions; from leading consulting companies like Bain & Company, modern leadership and entrepreneurship authors such as Simon Sinek, Lawrence Miller and Eric Ries and even secular and religious philosophies. We also looked at the companies getting it right.

Through our research we began to find answers to our questions and learn lessons that have stuck with us since. Our positive experiences suddenly made sense: we learned that our best managers fostered our growth by creating the conditions for learning and optimal performance instead of simply providing objectives and requesting status updates. We felt the difference between traditional management - knowledge being dispensed and behaviours imposed - and what we now refer to as Organic Leadership, where our aspirations to excel were cultivated by those who took the time to build strong professional relationships with their subordinates. These leaders tapped into our motivations and individual strengths, built trust within our teams and, with structure and discipline, united us around a clear and meaningful purpose. Above all, they instilled a sense of service and allowed us to truly contribute through our work.

We truly believe that the world is ready for a different leadership approach. When we look around, we can see the world is changing fast. Thanks to technology and automation, we all have the opportunity to fully leverage our humanity in our professions and approach work as a force for good. That’s why we’re passionate about guiding today’s leaders to build what we call Organic Team Environments. We do this by unearthing the hidden treasures in each individual and bring them together for positive collective transformation.

As we guide leaders in Mauritius today in the corporate workplace, it’s no surprise that this Organic approach can be implemented with ease. They describe the organic approach as “unlocking the mind” and “involving us emotionally in change”. Participants describe the strong bonds they are building with colleagues through sharing, learning from one another, and discovering that everyone sees things differently. Above all, they uncover newfound motivation to engage with and empower their teams.

Over to you.

Imagine what your company would look like if teams felt united around a clear and compelling common purpose... How future-proof your company would be if people’s hidden gems - unique and inherently human strengths, interests and natural skills - were revealed and leveraged beyond simple task execution.

Imagine having the best talent within your company, demonstrating effective leadership and inspiring change in others.

Imagine the impact on your staff engagement, customer satisfaction, and the value that your company provides to the world.

It all started with a simple realisation: people are not containers to be filled with insight and knowledge, but mines rich in unique and valuable gems to be revealed and polished. This is what it takes to move to the human economy. Are you ready to share in its treasures?

We Start with Mindset

We're a new kind of training company: we build learning experiences that shift mindsets, empowering forward-thinking teams to have greater impact, autonomy, and satisfaction in their roles. Through highly interactive training we create a growth mindset which enables the acquisition of key transferable skills.

Boosting these transferable skills has impact not only at an individual level, but also in the way employees interact and collaborate with team-members, and in how they contextualise and align their objectives and values with those of the organisation in which they work. Our clients see impact in key areas such as:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Stronger organisational identity, culture and values
  • Better capitalisation on growth opportunities.

Above all, we pride ourselves on listening to and responding to your business needs.

To find out more, and how we can help you reach your organisational goals, use the link below, or call us on +230 5 258 2803.

Our Approach

We don't do traditional training. Instead of sitting in a classroom listening to theory, participants interact, collaborate, complete challenges and reflect—in short, they learn by doing. What's more, there's no standard formula: our services start with you. We take the time to fully understand your needs, before working with you to create the learning experience that will make a real, lasting difference:

  • Bespoke and aligned with your needs—we customise every engagement based on your needs, your values and your brand
  • Real learning with real results—practical and interactive exercises create and reinforce good habits and best practices during the session itself. Our tried and tested integration tools ensure day-to-day application and drive a culture of continuous growth.

"Like a tornado"... Listen to what participants think:

Our vision is to lead soft skill development in Mauritius and lead the charge for bringing purpose back into work.

Our mission is to design and deliver innovative and impactful learning experiences that shift mindsets and transform businesses.

Our Guiding Principles

We're guided in our work by our principles:

  1. Work as a force for good | We believe that an individual’s work is their contribution to the world, and that work, as a craft, deserves time, care and dedication to excellence, no matter the discipline. We strive to embody this mindset of purpose-driven work in our own activities, and to promote it amongst those we serve.

  2. Collaboration | We value sharing, open dialogue, and mutual support. Our vision, mission, and our day-to-day activities are underpinned by a willingness and desire to work together with other market players. We aim to promote our vision and values in not just the actions of our company and our customers, but also in our competitors. Openness is our default mode of operation.

  3. Innovation | We seek to disrupt the status quo where it is detrimental to the well-being of individuals, organisations and society, and where it is not aligned with our vision for work as a force for good. We seek to be innovative in our services, our processes, and in our business model.


Our Team

Joe Lodge

Joe Lodge
Chief Executive Officer

Joe manages Gemstone training engagements, accompanying clients from first meeting to impact measurement and feedback report.

Before co-founding Gemstone, Joe lived and worked in London, where he helped industry-leading FTSE 100 companies navigate change in business consulting roles at Fujitsu and HP. He co-founded presentation consultancy Conva in 2012 and interned at Newcastle University incubator Rise Up where he designed workshops, competitions and student outreach programmes.

Joe has a Masters of Science (with distinction) in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and a Bachelors of Music, both from Newcastle University.

Joe is an MQA-registered trainer.

Key skills

  • Management consulting

  • Change management

  • Technology transformation

  • Business development

  • Creativity and innovation

Key experience

  • Management of large-scale training programme engagements

  • Extensive UK consulting experience in FTSE 100 companies with HP Enterprise Services and Fujitsu

  • Train the trainer programme design for major UK bank.

Coralie Marti

Coralie Marti
Chief Product Officer

As Training Design Lead, Coralie uses her passion for people to discover organisations’ hidden talents through facilitation and innovative engagement design.

Prior to Gemstone, Coralie spent four years conducting market research for startups and leading organisations in the digital, pharmaceutical, food and retail industries.

In her roles as Marketing and Communication Strategy Officer and Business Consultant Coralie provided reports and advice on market positioning, business models, advertising campaigns.

Coralie's experience also includes business planning for entrepreneurs. She has a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovative Projects from Paris Dauphine University.

Coralie is an MQA-registered trainer.

Key skills

  • Training needs assessment

  • Training programme design

  • Interactive training delivery

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Market research and data analysis

Key experience

  • Training programme design for major consulting, management services and pharmaceutical companies

  • Delivery of workshops, training and coaching

  • UK consulting experience for clients including leading technology, consumer goods and pharmaceutical firms.

Additional profiles coming soon…