The Journey

Introducing Gemstone


We’re excited to announce that we’re changing our name to Gemstone. We’re making this change so that as we grow our brand fully reflects our mission to reveal the hidden capacities of everyone we work with.

Why Gemstone?

For more than two years, we’ve delivered highly-interactive soft skill training to organisations around Mauritius. We’re an impact-driven training company, and that means that in developing our products and services we’ve had to challenge traditional training norms. We take time to listen to and deeply understand needs, and then, instead of simply dispensing information, we design training sessions which allow answers (the hidden gems) to come from within. It’s about time that our name matched our approach!

What do you mean, answers coming from within?

Our Organic Learning methodology works on the principle that the power to transform your organisation lies within your people. At Gemstone we act as facilitators to realise hidden capacities for individual and organisational growth, through soft skills and mindset change. Deep change like this can difficult, but by helping it come from within a team we build transformation that is long-lasting and profound.

In our training we create space for exploration and creativity. Learning takes place through experience, reflection and sharing, and there’s an atmosphere of positivity, trust and mutual discovery. In short, we create an environment conducive to individual, team and organisational growth. The resulting sessions have been described as “life-changing”, “the best training I’ve ever had”, and—our favourite—a “positive tornado” moving through a company and getting everyone on board.

What does this change mean?

The name change is all about aligning our brand with our mission to find the hidden gems in every team we work with. It doesn’t change the way we work, or the values that guide us. Beyond training, we continue to support Mauritius’ startup scene: we recently ran an entrepreneurial workshop for Turbine’s Test Drive programme, and for the second time are co-organising Mauritius’ FUNight, part of a global movement for learning from stories of professional failure. For now, our Entrepreneurs’ Brunch is on hold.

How can I follow the Gemstone journey?

Keep up to date with Gemstone by following us on Facebook and Twitter with our new handle, @gemstoneHQ. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter.

—the Gemstone team