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What is the Entrepreneurs’ Brunch?

The brunch is an informal get-together to eat, network and explore entrepreneurship-related topics in an inviting and inclusive environment. It’s a forum for discussion and a source of inspiration, connections and support to move your project, idea or business forward.

Where is it?

Each brunch is in a different space in Mauritius. Previous venues include a variety of interesting and unusual spaces around the island such as cafés, coworking spaces and performing art centres.

Who’s it for?

It’s for current and future entrepreneurs. You don’t need a business, or even an idea—just an open mind, an appetite for good food and a desire to share fun, creative experiences!

When is the next one? How do I take part?

The brunches run every month except December. Join the mailing list above and follow DodoWorkPlay on Facebook for the latest community updates.

How much is it?

Each brunch is Rs 300, including entry, food and drink. A limited number of subsidised spaces are available for students and recent graduates. Please contact us.

Who's behind the brunch?

DodoWorkPlay was founded by Coralie Marti and Joe Lodge to promote entrepreneurship in Mauritius. We run events, provide coworking opportunities, and are building a community of change-makers at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We’re thrilled to have you on board!