We prepare students for the modern world of work.

The gig economy is here, automation is ever approaching and many of tomorrow's jobs don't even exist yet. How can students prepare for such an uncertain future?

Our answer is soft-skills. We run entrepreneurial skills workshops to promote communication, collaboration, creativity, comfort with ambiguity, initiative-taking and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but the skills of an entrepreneur are crucial to navigating the modern world of work. By becoming familiar with and practising these skills, students are positioned to excel in their careers.

Our entrepreneurial skills workshops are:



Our sessions actively involve participants, boosting confidence and soft skills.

strategic workshops


Our exercises put practice before theory, to maximise understanding and retention.

creative workshops mauritius


Group activities complement individual focus, and both left and right brain are engaged.

flexible scalable workshops


Sessions are tested to be interactive, educational and engaging with five to fifty participants.

If you're interested in hosting our Entrepreneurial Skills Workshops for your students please let us know using the form below and we will be in touch. Sessions can either be funded by the institution, or by participants/parents.

If you'd prefer to read more about the workshop and their contents you can download our product information sheet (pdf).


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